Summer Camp 2016 - Ben Delatour Scout Camp

Longs Peak BSA Ben Delatour Link (click here)

In Summer 2016, Troop 18 Will Be Going To Camp At Ben Delatour Scout Camp Near Red Feather Lakes, 45 Miles Northwest Of Fort Collins.


Ben Delatour

All Scouts are encouraged to attend!

Ben Delatour: 2016 Date: June 12-18

Cost And Payment:

Payment schedule - $325 total

Payment 1 - Due January 20 - $100 Payment 2 - Due March 16 - $100 Payment 3 - Due May 4 - $125

Important 2016 Links:

Adult Leaders Attending:

Committee Members: TBD

Scoutmasters: TBD

Senior Patrol Leader: TBD


The troop is meeting at the Manitou Pool parking lot by TBD to load gear onto the trailer and check attendance.

Departing at TBD. Eat lunch before we leave, or bring one.

The troop plans to return on Saturday, June 18th, between TBD and TBD





Family Night





Hello, 2016 Ben Delatour Scout Ranch/Camp Jeffrey Scouters!

This is the first in a series of messages from your Troop 18 Camp Coordinator, Assistant Scoutmaster Jim Felix.

Camp is right around the corner, June 12 to June 18th!

I've tried to summarize related information for your convenience, from the 2016 BDSR/Camp Jeffrey Leader's Guide. Among many other things, the Guide addresses preliminary course descriptions and additional costs, behavioral policies, Laws of the Camp, etc. This guide is recommended reading for parents, and is required reading for attending adults:

Today's topic is on forms and paperwork. Because you will need to schedule appointments, get vaccination documentation, and fill out many forms, completing the paperwork in this message is the most urgent task at hand!

Only these forms are accepted; a prior physical or statement from your doctor will NOT get you past check-in at Camp!

1. All adults must have current Youth Protection Training (YPT). Bring proof, either your wallet card or certificate.

2. All adults and youth must have BSA health and medical history form 680-001 Parts A, B, and C. The health exam must be within the last 12 months, and the health history within 90 days of arrival. NO OTHER FORMS ARE ACCEPTED. Get your immunization records from your doctor. A common oversight is forgetting the examiner's signature on Part B, plus examiner's signature and other information on Part C. All medications taken must be listed on the medical form, including adults. Medications list must match the actual meds that will be checked in for both adults and youth.

3. All adults and youth must have a copy of their insurance card. I'll be asking for insurance details again in a later email.

4. All youth must have a completed Colorado Immunization record/Parent Release form: While redundant with the BSA form, the State of Colorado recognizes Scout Camps as child care facilities, and requires their own form. Adults should make every attempt to include any immunization information available (many adults no longer have records).

5. An Immunization Exemption may be requested here:

6. All adults must complete an adult reference form. Three references are required:

7. All youth participating in COPE/Climbing or Horse Programs must have a completed release of liability form. It is recommended ALL YOUTH have completed Release of Liability forms, even if not registering for these programs. Why? In the event a Scout becomes wait-listed for one of these programs; or the Scout changes schedule after arriving at Camp, or decides to take a Trail Ride after arriving at Camp [Horses rock!]. Participation in activities requiring a release can NOT be allowed if a parent has not signed a release for their Scout. Adults participating in a trail ride will need the release as well.

COPE/Climbing Release Form:

Horse Release Form:


8: New to us: youth and adults must check-in all prescription and OTC drugs at arrival. Medications must be kept in locked storage, in compliance with State and Local Laws, and will be administered by BDSR's trained Medical Staff before breakfast and dinner, unless your physician and prescription specifies a special time. Medications must be in original containers labeled by the pharmacy. No exceptions. Your medication list on your BSA health and medical history 680-001 form must match the meds you check in. If a med is listed on the form but was not brought to camp, the Troop will have 24 hours to obtain it. Medications should be in a zip-lock with the name of the patient, and available at check-in (NOT in the troop trailer). Note that the Parent or Adult fills out the part B of the 680-001 specifying medications taken, and the medical professional signs it. If no medications are routinely taken, and there are no exceptions to OTC meds that can be taken, no examiner's signature is required.

Certain exeptions can be made for meds for life-threatening conditions: inhalers, allergy, heart conditions, epi-pens, etc. Please make sure they are labeled with the user's name and T-18.

[Suggestion: If your Scout has had a recent (within the time frames specified above) well-child check, sports physical, etc. some family physicians, as a courtesy, may complete 680-001 Part B and/or C without an additional appointment (parents complete part A).They should provide a current immunization and med list regardless, at no charge. Another suggestion is to use the Little Clinic at Uintah Gardens King Soopers, about $50 for a physical. You would need to take the medication list and immunization list from your physician to the examiner at the Clinic, and get the Clinic practitioner's signatures on Parts B and C. The Little Clinic practitioners are board-certified NP's and/or PA's, which meet the requirements of the form 680-001]

I'm not real pleased about the redundant immunization forms, or adults having to check in their meds. But hey, I don't make the rules!

Yours in Service,

Jim Felix

T18 Camp Coordinator